Because of Lying, Cyber Bully's like Agent99 and others
at Streamate and because Honest Frank made Twitter Tweets
as @HonestAndFrank about wanting to start a Streaming web site
better than Streamate, Streamate felt he was their Competition so
Streamate illegally Closed Honest Frank's Account
on September 12, 2013 and they are LIABLE for it
and Honest Frank intends to Sue Streamate for that
and for many other Illegal things that Streamate does.

When Good, Normal Adult Male & Female Cam Models
get their accounts Closed like Streamate closed Honest Frank's,
all the people that the Cam Models Advertised their URL to
on Twitter, Facebook, Business Cards, Word Of Mouth, etc.,
will be Forwarded to Streamate's site where
Streamate is able to make Money off the visitors
which is ONE of the Very Big Reasons WHY
Adult Male And Female Cam Models should get
a FREE page on Honest Frank's Adult web site.

The Only reason why anyone would Not want a FREE page
on one of Honest Frank's sites is because they are EVIL
and will maybe someday end up Exposing Themselves
For Who They Really Are
like Agent99 even though she didn't ask to be Listed
but was listed anyway like many others because she is an
Adult Female Cam Model.

Honest Frank was going to become an Affiliate of Streamate
and link to the Models he Approves of the Most that are
Honest Frank ApprovedHonest Frank Approved!
but Streamate Closed HonestFrank's Model Account Illegally.


Adults Only may Google "TheRealAgent99 Images" to see
Agent99 of Streamate which is where I found Agent 99's Portfolio
& @BostonScrambler's page
who is very Obsessed with Agent99 but @BostonScrambler
had removed Agent99's photos.


Heaveno Agent99 of Streamate,

I had removed this FREE page and my photo of you because
you messaged me to and when I tried to Message you back,
I noticed you had Blocked me so I decided to put it back and
Expose You For Who You Really Are For Your Own Good
And For The Good Of All Mankind!

Before I had known you had Blocked me, I wanted to tell you
that your "So Called" girl friend "SuzieQ" was Out Of Line
Slandering me by typing Invisible to you even though you believed
that she had a problem posting Visible because later on
I noticed she had been Posting Visible to you after I left.

You should have Put Her In Her Place Amanda when she
Got Completely Out Of Hand when she started in Lying about me
but instead you Kissed Her Ass and Stuck Up For Her
because you ASSume that she is a Good Friend of yours
and that was not a nice thing to do or a smart thing to do at all.

Sooner or later Amanda, you will see that she is not a good friend
to YOU or to Anyone like the many others who are EVIL and CORRUPT
and end up Exposing Themselves For Who They really Are
and that's just The Honest And Frank Truth!

I also had removed you from my site Amanda because
you are very Mean and Nasty to your Viewers and to Me
and Bully them around and Block and Ban them
if they don't Pay to Hang Out in your Room or when you do
Adult Laptop Shows in Public Places where you constantly
Break The Indecent Exposure Law and
I really don't want to be associated with anyone who is
like that or who is a Cyber Bully or a Drama Queen.

I still think you're Franking Awesome 99 but you have many Faults
because you have A Lot Of Evil Built Up Inside of you about people
and are Taking It Out on your Viewers like many of the other
Adult Female Cam Models which makes you all EVIL
but I wish all of you Devils all the Luck you can possibly get,
even though it won't mean A Damn Franking Thing because
it will never NEVER help you become a Good Person,
which is the ONLY thing that will EVER make Anyone in this Life,
Happy & High On Life like I am even though
I am suffering from Depression because of Bad people
because I'm GOOD but it's ALL WORTH IT because I'd rather
Be Depressed as long as I'm Good making me
instead of being Miserably Unhappy because they are EVIL and/or
Temporarily HIGH ON DRUGS AND ALCOHOL, etc.,
or CYBER BULLYING anyone like what the many Cam Models
are doing on Streamate!

Take care Cyber Bully Agent99 and feel free to Block, Ban
or Kick me out of your Miserable room that has a Few Viewers,
Oh Wait, you already did that, like the many, many other
Unhappy, Miserable, Low Life Losers on Streamate, etc.,
that really Franking Deserve Each Other and that's just
One of the reasons why many AdultFemaleCamModels
will be coming to Cam for Themselves on my Adult site
instead of on Streamate that everyone is getting
Sick & Tired of being Bullied, Used, etc!

Love, Honest Frank, the Honest And Frank Angel.


September 12, 2013 my Adult web hosting provider Arvixe
received a DMCA Complainant from David E. Steinberg
533 W 5th Street, Los Angeles, CA 90013-1007
PHONE 1-424-777-6862
about MY Image of Agent99.

Even though the Lawyer was supposed to contact Me
about this matter from what I have said on my site and
in my Terms And Conditions, I decided to remove the
Images of Agent99 from my web site and replace them
with other ones that I alone have the Originals of
even though this DCMA complaint is INVALID because
I have Every Legal Right in AMERICA to use my Photo
of Agent99 because it was Not a Copyrighted Photo.

Then Arvixe threatenened me again about MY photos
of Agent99 so I Removed them for now.

I will be getting a Lawyer eventually to address this Issue
and many others because someone has to
Fight For What's Right
before we have


Netfirms emailed me the DMCA Complainant from Agent99
trying to FOOL Netfirms into thinking that it was a real
DCMA Complaint when it Wasn't, just so Netfirms
Stops me from exercising my Constitutional Rights
by making me Take Down my Images of Agent99
but I Got Wise, I, Honest Frank Called David E. Steinberg at
1-424-777-6862 and Agent99 answered
and LIED that we had a Bad Connection and Hung Up on me
because she knows that she has No Right to my Images of her
and contact Netfirms and Lie and Slander my Good Name
and MORE that she is LIABLE for

Here's the DMCA Complainant as a .rtf Document.

I'll be calling Agent99 back again about this matter
and Expose @TheRealAgent99 on Twitter
For Who She Really Is.

I will also be getting a Lawyer to Sue Streamate
for many things like allowing Agent99 to constantly do
Adult Web Cam Shows on Streamate In Public,
Breaking The Law many times
where Children can WALK IN ON HER.


Please Note that All Agent99 Images are Not Agent99's Images.
They are just PART of the Original Images owned by Honest Frank!
Whoever says that they are Agent99 Images, are Lying
and LIABLE for Slander, etc., and are trying to stop him and
Violated the Terms And Conditions.
Honest Frank can Prove he is the Rightful owner of these Images
because he has the FULL SIZE of these Images
that the Accusers DO NOT!
Agent99 is One of the Main Reasons why Streamate
closed Honest Frank's account at
which he intends to Sue Agent99 and Streamate for and others
as they end up Exposing Themselves For Who They Really Are!

Agent99 Images

Agent99 in the Public Bathroom.
Was Agent99 Breaking The Indecent Exposure Law
before her Adult Female Cam Model Show?

Agent99 in the Public Bathroom.
Was Agent99 Breaking The Indecent Exposure Law
after her Adult Female Cam Model Show?

Agent99 at home.

Agent99 at home.

Agent99, Looks like an Angel, Walks like an Angel,
Talks like an Angel, but I Got Wise,
She's The Devil In Disguise!

There are many Stupid people out there Lying and Trying to stop
Honest Frank by Reporting him to his Hosting & Registrar Providers,
to the Police, etc., but they don't contact Honest Frank
because they know they cannot Legally do anything
and do not want to be Exposed and Sued for their Crimes
but they WILL because Honest Frank will
Catch Them With Their Pants Down
Wrapped Around Their Ankles!


Stay Tuned as Honest Frank Exposes Streamate And Many Others
For Who They Really Are!