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Page Updated January 21, 2015.

Heaveno I'm Honest Frank of HonestFrank.com because
I'm Honest And Frank about things!

Honest Frank is running for MAYOR of Mastic Beach, NY on March 18, 2015
and for President in the FUTURE and needs to Cast LIVE to talk to the People
but he has many Cyber Bully Terrorists that are Corrupt
and don't want him to WIN so they are Flagging him
and getting him Banned on many Streaming sites like
Click Here to learn about BattleCam! BattleCam, Click Here to learn about JustCast! JustCast, Click Here to learn about Ivlog! Ivlog, Click Here to learn about Ustream! Ustream, Click Here to learn about Vaughn Live! VaughnLive, Click Here to learn about YouTube! YouTube, etc.,
getting many of them to Believe he is a PEDO and a BULLY, etc.,
and many are Falling for it like FOOLS and Banning him and now he has to
email All of them to Prove that they are all just LYING
and whoever doesn't Unban him are LIABLE for Defamation of Character!

The H in Honest Frank is Silent but Honest Frank is Not!

Honest Frank shows you how to STAND UP to Cyber Bully Terrorists like
Lindsay Evans, Audrey Noland, T0xic, OnlineDatingPimp, Corester, etc., and how to
Be Good For Everyone's Own Good And Good Things Will Happen
And You Will Be Happy And High On Life Naturally!

Feel FREE to Donate Gifts to Help Honest Frank run for Mayor of Mastic Beach, NY
and if you are a Mastic Beach, NY Incorporated Village Resident, please
Sign Honest Frank's Village Independent Nominating Petition
before on March 18, 2015 so I am on the Ballot for MAYOR and please
Sign Honest Frank's Petition To Dissolve The Mastic Beach Village
if I do not become the MAYOR!

If you want to Help Honest Frank run for Mayor of Mastic Beach, NY
and Help make Honest And Frank a Non Profit CHARITY,
and have Honest Frank run for
feel FREE to Donate Gifts of Money that are Not Tax Deductable.

Donations to Honest And Frank will be Tax Deductable
after it is a Legal Charity so STAY TUNED.

Be Good, For Everyone's Own Good, And Good Things Will Happen,
And You Will Be Happy, And High On Life, Naturally!

I Pledge Allegiance to the Flag, of the Honest And Frank, Religion Of Angels,
and to its Charity, that Fights For What's Right,
All Angels, under Honest Frank, telling the Honest And Frank truth,
with Liberty, and Justice, for Angels!

January 2, 2014 T0xic of BattleCam called Honest Frank
waking him Up to say, You're A Bitch at 3-36pm.

T0xic Broadcasted, Parts from my
July 27, 2012, September 9, 2012 and September 15, 2012 videos below,
LIVE on BattleCam, that was Taken OUT OF CONTEXT
to try and make me look like a Pedophile.

Honest Frank is NORMAL and Not a Pedophile.

Honest Frank Came Out Of The Closet about being
an 18 year old Teenager that FELL IN LOVE and
Made Love with The Beautiful, Sweet, Sexy, 5' 10",
Big Blue/Green Eyed 14 year old Barbara Massa.

Barbara Massa

Honest Frank's Cyber Bully's he is Exposing For Who They Really Are,
FOOLED T0xic and many Mastic Beach, NY residents
into thinking Honest Frank was a Pedophile in his Town
and on BattleCam, Facebook, Topix, Twitter, etc.,
by showing PARTS of my Videos that were Taken OUT OF CONTEXT
because they are trying to Ruin Honest Frank's Reputation because

T0xic did that because he didn't want the Competition since
I was getting Well Known all over BattleCam and
the Organized Criminals did it because I am Exposing them as
Organized Crime so they wanted to Ruin my chances of
Running for Office with ADHD in 2015
to try and be the Mayor Of Mastic Beach, NY,
like when I wanted to be Mayor in 2011
and Expose, Arrest and Sue the Corrupt Organized Criminals
and get them OUT of the Mastic Beach, NY Village.

No, Kiss me Honest Frank!Don't Tempt me girls, leave me alone. I'm trying to figure out how I can show everyone that not standing up to Organized Crime makes them Criminals themselves that are not allowed into HEAVEN.No, Kiss me Honest Frank!

March 2, 2014 Honest Frank just wanted to show his Sculpture
on BattleCam.com/HonestFrank.us to see just how many viewers
would come in and watch and Ended Up telling
The Honest And Frank Truth to the viewers!

Vote Honest Frank For Mayor in 2015!


June 12, 2010 Honest Frank exposed the Organized Criminals like
Officer Kevin M. Wustenhoff 2218 For Who They Really Are!
The Father of Officer Kevin M. Wustenhoff 2218, Detective Dennis J. Wustenhoff,
was MURDERED in a Car Bomb that was a PROFESSIONAL HIT on February 15, 1990
by THE MOB, that made Officer Kevin M. Wustenhoff 2218 OVER REACT
and Arrest me, Honest Frank, like I did a BOMB THREAT
and made up 4 Charges that I didn't even do
which I will prove soon AND MORE so STAY TUNED!
Revenge Is Seen As the Motive In a Bomb Death!

Honest Frank is DA BOMB and sometimes Drops the F BOMB!
Help Take A Bite Out Of Organized Crime!
Vote Honest Frank The Mayor Of Mastic Beach, NY in 2015!

December 9, 2010 Honest Frank Called And Left A Message
For Daniel J. Panico, 6th District Councilman
About The Bomb Threat He Didn't Even Do And
Daniel J. Panico Called Back The Next Day.

Honest Frank's Family

Anthony Cucchiara Joseph Cucchiara

Click Here to see the Full Image.
June 6, 2014 Judge Goglas Dismissed The 4 Charges
Against Honest Frank With An
Adjournment In Contemplation Of Dismissal
who said Honest Frank is Really, Really, Really Innocent!

Judge Philip Goglas County Court Judge on Facebook
Judge Philip Goglas won Suffolk County Court Judge Election with 48.77% of the vote.


Honest Frank

More about me is Coming Soon so Stay Tuned!
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